Terms Of Service

How Social Salon works:

Social Salon is a tool to allow Salon Owners to offer WiFi and website login to their clients.

Social Salon allows you (the client) to log into the salon's free Wifi using your Social accounts (facebook, Google and Twitter).

A tweet, checkin, status share may be requested as part of the login process.

We will ask for your permission before taking any action on your behalf.

Your personal information (name and email) will be stored so that you become a registered user of the salon's social login system.

You will also be able to log into the salon's website using the same information (if they have the option enabled).

Each time you log into the salon's WiFi or website we record your access and you will earn Social Reward points.

Each of our Salon Clients will offer different rewards based on these points. Please check the salon's website for the details.